There are very few things on this Earth that are as important as dreams. Dreams help keep us alive and propel us forward when everything else goes dark. There's the silent ones that we make all alone in the still of the night, and there's the verbal ones we speak when we're with friends lusting over the future. There is little as important as realizing a dream though, especially one that was held closely to the heart.

Thursday January 25 was an important day for me. It was the day that I realized one of my dreams, and goals. Ever since attending my first rock concert with my boyfriend five years ago, I've always wanted more out of a concert. And then I discovered photography and jumped head first into that world. I never looked back, I just took the plunge on a blind faith. That all led to my unspoken dream of making photography work, and to capture a concert on a press pass.

The concert in particular was Coldville opening up for Candlebox at 20 Monroe Live. I'd obtained the press pass through, more or less, just making it happen. I knew the opening band, the guitarist is my roommate, so I just asked them. And they said yes and got me the press pass. In many ways, my life led up to this moment. If I hadn't moved from Colorado to Michigan within a weeks notice in August, I never would have met the band. I have no illusions that it would have been just as easy without knowing the band. Sometimes, things just do appear to be handed to us. But, mark my words, I was in no way handed this opportunity. And I am so grateful to have had it.

The day came and I was nervous, I didn't have current business cards. And as it turns out, finding decent priced business cards for a one hour turnaround time is difficult. It took two tries at various printing places to make them happen. I actually cut them out myself, and thankfully no one looked too closely, since they weren't cut to actual business card size, they were a little smaller, but all decently uniform.

After that whole dabocle, the butterflies intensified and I was unsure of myself. What if my SD card failed me? What if none of the shots turned out and I had nothing to give? Plus countless others because when it comes down to an important moment like this, humans tend to lose faith in themselves. Especially when it comes to our dreams and goals, we always assume something will go wrong, or we'll mess up, or trip over someones feet and break our lens.

However, as soon as the lights went down, and the band started playing, I adjusted the camera settings as best as I knew. Once the viewfinder was up to my eyes and my left hand was focusing, everything faded away, and all that mattered was this moment. This built up moment in my head was finally here. There were no fireworks, no wishes granted, just pure tears of joy escaping my eyes ignoring the nonwaterproof mascara on my eyelashes. There's something to be said of these moments, when we realize that we can. That we will.

The ultimate dream come true is making it come true. And yes, the pictures turned out.
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